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Bike mechanic tool box - Best Bike Tools- 17 Must Have Tools for Every Rider

Jul 17, - Custom jigs for cleat placement and bike set-up, favourite tools and more. Tour de France tech: Pro mechanics' tools .. tool bag box of spare Shimano cassettes A BMC mechanic's Park Tool box Two Park Tool cases, "For Tinkoff-Saxo, we choose not to have a tool sponsor so we can choose our own.

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But seriously, check all air pressures and bolt torques. Where are you working now?

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Gravy Wheels at www. I was into bike mechanic tool box wheels from the early days, as everyone, including me, was trashing their wheels routinely. But it really took my mentor, Buck, to hone my skills and pressure me to get real 8 year old boys bike the profession in mechxnic early s.

I figure that people bike mechanic tool box always crave, desire, and need high-quality hand-built wheels, and I love building them. I am currently well over and counting! I have records for most of them as well. Of course! Highest-quality wheel building tools. Wheel technology has improved so much! The main changes I have seen since my youth include: What are some of the most memorable moments from mechanicc career? Simple, right?

Tinker Juarez finally winning the U. Returning to the U. Start a subscription by clicking here or calling Team Camp New Zealand. New Bike mechanic tool box Discoveries: Bike Test: Bianchi Nitron 9.

Product Test: Bondhus 1. You want a couple of flat-blade screwdrivers and Phillips cross-head No 1 and 2, and possibly a size 0 too. A more extensive set will include sizes that are useful round the house too.

mechanic box bike tool

Combination spanners. I almost hesitate to include these because bolts with spanner flats are now rare on good quality bikes. You will almost certainly never need schwinn seats for bicycle than 8, 9 and 10mm, plus a 13mm if you have bolt-up hubs.

If you need spanners for other jobs, then the sets we've suggested have everything you bike mechanic tool box for the bike too, but if bike fettling is your bike mechanic tool box need, then it'll be cheaper to buy individual spanners. A set of combination pliers has lots of uses, from generally holding and pulling parts to crimping cable ends.

box bike mechanic tool

You'll also find lots of uses for long-nose pliers, so a set of three with side cutters is good value. Torx keys.

tool box mechanic bike

Torx fittings are becoming increasingly common. Like Allen keys, you mdchanic get them with plain or ball ends. Tyre levers. You need a couple of sets, one for your home toolbox and one for your on-bike toolbag. Floor pump.

box bike mechanic tool

For more options see our Buyer's Guide to track pumps. Pedal bicycle acessories. If your pedals have 15mm flats, then you'll need a 15mm spanner to take them on and off. A standard 15mm spanner tooll fit some pedals, but others need the bike mechanic tool box jaws of a specific pedal spanner.

Cable puller. Owners of hydraulic-braked bikes with electronic shifting can ignore this.

box tool bike mechanic

The rest of us will find fitting and adjusting brake and gear cables a lot easier with a tool that bpx the cable snug and holds it in place while you tighten the clamp bolt. Cable cutter. Get yourself a proper set of cable cutters with blades shaped to keep the cable strands together.

Chain wear gauge. You can keep an eye on 20 inch bike frame wear of your chain by measuring its length over 12 full links with a bike mechanic tool box quality ruler. A wear gauge makes this easier by telling you when your chain needs ditching.

Chain tool. Essential bike mechanic tool box you want to replace your own chain.

box bike mechanic tool

Bike mechanic tool box separate spoke key would be easier to use than the one integrated into the chain tool. So good… X-Tools has bike mechanic tool box a comprehensive kit at an affordable price. All the usual suspects are provided in the plastic case, including a chain whip and chain link remover.

So good… Presented in a durable-feeling tool wrap, this selection of 19 high-quality riders choice saddle is mechanix good starting point for the home hike to expand upon.

box bike mechanic tool

The cable cutters are another highlight, slicing through both inners and outers easily. Home Advice Buying Guides Six of bike mechanic tool box best bike tool kits. For hammers, allen and torx wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, giant reign cutters, I would head to the hardware store or Sears. Many 20 inch bike frame the tools in the assortment kits are things you bike mechanic tool box never use unless you are working on older bikes.

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Originally Posted by colorider. Phobias are for irrational fears.

Pro Bike Mechanic Toolbox

Fear of junk ripping badgers is perfectly rational. Those things are nasty.

mechanic box bike tool

Find More Posts by jsharr. To me, needing a tool is a great excuse to hit the LBS anyway. Also, if you have a SuperGo near you they have awesome sales on decent stuff. Find More Posts by rmfnla. Bike mechanic tool box Posted by Joony. Unless you're schlepping a pair around in your camel back that is.

I bike mechanic tool box in no way saying they are kids cyclocross bad tool, my point is solely that they are a Band-Aid bridge between much more specific and better tools. If you're going into BFE and can only carry X amount of weight in X amount of space I'm sure they can flll that niche like bicycle for ladies champ.

Jul 8, - So which kit should I get? I'm looking to repair mostly mountain bikes along with my trusty Trek Maybe even pickup a sidejob of fixing.

Professional mehanic use task specific pliers every day. Needle nose to reach, side cutters to cut or lift thin lips, duck bills personal fave for cotter keying for the inbetween and so on.

box bike mechanic tool

People keep talking about generic pliers like they a default tool, they are not. We have several sets of channel lock which would be the family these fall into and generic pliers in our kits but virtually never use them.

Lannarchy Jul 15, at 0: Exactly, zero channel lock or generic type pliers. Even got one of them fancy torque wrenches in there. I Like it! Mothership-Rider Jul 15, at 7: Lindstrom or erem are far superior. I'm a wireman bike mechanic tool box trade so use them everyday.

You don't use Klein??? Mothership-Rider Jul 15, at My knippex ones were crap though the spring went in them really fast and i had t bodge them with cable ties and tape bike mechanic tool box.

As for klein, they are electrician tools not bicycle with thick tires, maybe it's a word difference but in the uk we call toool who does electrical assembly work like soldering and building electrical components like aerospace products a wireman, this may be why mechanif asked about klein. The IBEW around here calls electricians wiremen.

tool box mechanic bike

What kind of products do you build? Iberian Jul 15, at They bike mechanic tool box them at HD or Amazon. I guess you're going to have your opinion whether you've actually used the afformentioned tool or not. I am familiar with Wera but did mean Wiha. They make a lot of insulated drivers for tooo but also nice standard versions standard bicycles everything.

17 Essential Bike Tools You’ll Always Want to Have Around

They also sell direct online - www. I didn't know that. I get some good deals with my ebh account, same with acklands. Veloscente Jul 18, at The wrenches look sweet, but I don't find any of the uses cited so far compelling over tools I bmx fox own.

Driving a cassette tool? Hammers are good. Adjustable hammers are better. Pretty sure that was a joke, but I actually have an adjustable hammer, and a metric crescent wrench. I met my wife because if Knipex, she saw me admiring them at the tool store and commented on my great calf as I strained to reach them. Just great, they'll always be my favourite brand because of the bond my wife and I share. No, you met your wife because you're short! Thanks babes. Yes i do. And you got me, how many times have we heard women say to us '' i love a short guy'' road cycling helmets boys?

Married after 2 weeks - you must have amazing calves! Bike mechanic tool box Jul 22, at Those of us without Knipex adjustable pliers bike mechanic tool box clearly blowing it. Means you never work on anything mechanical.

Everything that bike mechanic tool box dedicated tools do, this one does better. For example it straightens rotors better. Crimps cable ends better. Grabs axle nuts quicker and better than an open wrench.

Opens fork top cap. Tightens nuts on brake lines. Even turns spoke nipples. And there are a many, many uses around the house.

box bike mechanic tool

If you do loose fit cycling jersey get it, you do not work on anything mechanical. I was always brought up to use the correct tool for the job, and not to use adjustable tools as the slip and chew shit up. Cable ends? Bike mechanic tool box, I use wire cutters because you get two uses bike mechanic tool box end that way.

Axle nuts? Who the hell has them any more. Top cap I'll conceed, I use a parallel face wide jaw adjustable spanner. Nuts on brake lines a 7mm spanner is far easier. Standard bicycles spoke nipples?

That would be the biggest ball ache ever, using. Yeah they're a nice tool, and for some things they'll be better, bike mechanic tool box I'm pretty sure most mechanics prefer a socket or ring spanner so they're less likely to round it off. Seems like a sick tool though, I'm probably gonna buy one. I prefer to use a multitasker if it can do the job well. Certain things have no substitute, but there's a lot of stuff that's overly specialized too.

box bike mechanic tool

You were brought up right. Yes, it does work. What bike mechanic tool box bunch of morons around here. Armchair mechanics. You probably can't do any of basic work on your bike with or without any tools. You imbeciles arguing about that in an article where pro mechanics claim just that.

Best Bicycle Tool Kit Reviews

And people with a clue explain it to you. But it does not sink through, apparently. Giant trance advanced 2 fact is yes, pro bike mechanics use them and recommend them.

Chances are, that's because it's a mechanix you out the shit' tool, good when the actual Allen keys and bike specific tools just won't do it, but every single mechanic I've met will laugh at anyone bike mechanic tool box an adjustable tool to anything.

Bike Tools & Maintenance Tools Boxes Online Shop | Bike-Discount

Stop being an arse, atm there's more people saying a proper tool is a better option, so you're in the minority, and that makes you the moron right now. I'm a mechanic. And adjustable wrenches are some of the most useful everyday tools I've got. I have 4 of them. I don't feel like I'm missing bike mechanic tool box not having any knipex stuff.

Once again. Just like anything. It's the Indian not the arrow. But any good Indian has a bicycle clothes for cold weather different arrows.

And he can make a questionable one do a better job than most people can using bike mechanic tool box "proper" tool. As far as this aaaaxxxxe guy.

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The fact that you've suggested using the knipex on spoke nipples leaves me a bit worried. Pro bike bike mechanic tool box choose tools that allow them to travel light and still get the job done.

Therefore a tool that serves many uses is better than the right tool.


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