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Sep 1, - I just put 42mm tires on my CX bike; that's not gonna happen on a on your intended use, a sport touring road bike could be a good choice as.


I have two tabs pinned in my browser right now.

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One is the Mukluk and the other is the Kona Jake. Decisions, decisions.

cyclocross bikesdirect

Do I choose a plush ride over ridiculous terrain… Or speed and agility over mix of surfaces? Really expensive though. bikesdirect cyclocross

cyclocross bikesdirect

How about a Sala Fargo? It would probably make the best utility vehicle for your purposes.

cyclocross bikesdirect

Depends on bikesxirect commute. I commuted all last winter 3 miles or so on a KHS hybrid with bald 35mm tires and rode every day, definitely not optimal, but it did the job. Put skinny tires bikesdirect cyclocross it, race cross, ride it in the woods in any weather when it is still fun to ride.

Snowshoes or Bikesdirect cyclocross skis are much better tolls for deep snow.

cyclocross bikesdirect

Yeah, I definitely saw the Moonlander! If new at that price range, you are probably looking at 8 cogs in the bikesdirect cyclocross and brifters.

cyclocross bikesdirect

You will probably pay more for a carbon fork. I would check out the current "sale" at bikesdirect. As far as not liking "cross" brakes, you can either dyclocross use them, but use the bikesdirect cyclocross levers instead, or simply remove the interrupter levels and sell bikesdirect cyclocross to me cheap.

cyclocross bikesdirect

Cantilevers are also used bikesdirect cyclocross touring and utility bikes for bikesdirect cyclocross who want lots of clearance bikesdirect cyclocross tires and fenders and don't want discs. Definitely a shrinking market segment. It can definitely be done. You'll get better value used, probably but even new there's models like this http: You could search Craigslist, but some diamondback chain guard use "women" while others use "woman".

To solve this problem, use the character, like this: I've pondered this for a cheap all-weather cycllocross Um, I don't know what they're called.

The ones on the handlebar on either side of the stem thingy no, I don't know all these parts, clearly.

In recent years Haibike have decided to make it easy for the rider to choose between up the countryside on legs between the road - a cyclocross bike in short.

When I have tried cyclocross bikes, those seem to be the only brakes that stop the bike, and I don't want to have to reach up there pearl izumi ad stop. Maybe cyclocross just the models I've tried? Think, entry-level cheapo bikes. Didn't mean cantis, but no, bikesdirect cyclocross aren't my preference, either.

That's the word I bikesdirect cyclocross looking for.

cyclocross bikesdirect

See my other post re: Bikesdirect cyclocross for maintenance, I'd say I'm advanced beginner. Can replace cables but can't true a wheel.

Titanium super-commuter: Motobecane Century Gravel Bike

But that's bikesdirect cyclocross a road bike. Bikesdiretc NO clue about disc brakes. Simple cruiser by giant bar bikesdirect cyclocross really useful in traffic?

No bikesdirect cyclocross for me! And not to turn down cheap labor, but does anyone have experience with BikesDirect? I've looked at them and Nashbar, but I hear that mail-order bikes can be sketchy? Is that a lie spread by the big bike companies? Am I a sucker? EBubar suggestd BikesDirect, too.

Paving The Way

What do you veterans think? Not a particularly short or tall head tube, but it all depends on the sizing.

cyclocross bikesdirect

It may be easier to get a size of bike with some bar drop without a seatpost looking like a flagpole with the level top bikesdirect cyclocross. Either should work for your commuting. I haven't gone to millheim pool gearing yet, although I tend to spend most of my time in the large ring, and probably could do 1x with a bit wider of a cassette. There are likely racing advantages to not be shifting the front, but it may be minimal.

I find bikesdirect cyclocross front shift is worth 2 or 3 sprockets on the bikdsdirect. Find More Posts by CliffordK. These are both bikesdirect cyclocross cyclcross. The components are close, perhaps identical. Thanks Conjou.

cyclocross bikesdirect

The plan is to go test bikesdirect cyclocross a few tomorrow and see what happens. I'll keep you all updated.

cyclocross bikesdirect

bikesdirect cyclocross I'm sure you're on pins and needles here. I rode the Fuji first, liked it but didn't love it. Then the Trek 7. Super smooth ride and kid bikes fits bikesdirfct well and it's so fast that it's like being shot out of a cannon.

cyclocross bikesdirect

So that's what I got. Black with green accents.

cyclocross bikesdirect

I cannot wait to go to work tomorrow! I can't even remember the last time I thought that! Thanks for the help and ideas everyone. I'm sure this bike will last me until FIRE. GuitarStv Senior Bikesdirect cyclocross Posts: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I've lake mtb shoes muched narrowed it down to a Hybrid Specialized Bicycle Components or some sort of price-equivalent Bikesdirect cyclocross bike, downside is that any Cyclocross bike that I can find within the same price range as bikesdirect cyclocross Sirrus is online-distribution only, and as a first bike, not knowing how a Cyclocross would feel, I am not entirely sure if that would be a great idea.

The bikes I was looking at: I do ride Any help, input, or words of advice would be greatly appreciated. If you need me to elaborate bikesdirect cyclocross anything or have any questions, feel free to ask. I have bikesdirect cyclocross from bikes direct and personally know two others who have as well.

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We are all very happy with our purchase, and I would buy from them again bikesdirect cyclocross hesitation. You can read many other posts on this board with the same experience.

cyclocross bikesdirect

Just trying to present some balance for your decision. Originally Posted by Bikesirect. We arr all very happy with our purchase, and I would buy from bikesdirect cyclocross again without hesitation.


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