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Julie You buy a lot of products at the dollar store! Have you noticed any difference in quality? If there is a difference, does the lower price make up for it? Branded HBA is always a better deal at the dollars.

dollar store in az family tucson

Best buys: Wis tortilla chips at Family Dollar, half the salt of the major brands; bleach and benzoyl peroxide at Dollar General, little plastic tube squeezers at Dollar Tree, for toothpaste and ointments. I buy spices, small earbuds for my granddaughter to have in the car, school, etc. I buy usb cords, and cigarette lighter usb ports, they too family dollar store in tucson az great. My granddaughter has a huge collection of them.

I use the silk flowers for my wreaths. I love Dollar Tree, but they never seem to have soy milk there any more. I wish they still sold stevia non-caloric natural sweetenerbut they no longer do. Proformance sports is not on their web site, so I know they stopped selling it.

However, it is also inexpensive at Target and Aldi. Like other posters, I like their gift stuff: Someone else mentioned puzzle books. I like Sudoku and like buying the Sudoku books at Dollar Tree. For those of you who do paper crafting, their decorative tape is very well-priced.

Diane — YES! I also like the cent store calculators. The ones that I buy are solar powered. Then when I do need family dollar store in tucson az, the batteries can easily be charged with a bit of sunlight or even the dome light of the car. I keep one in a kitchen drawer, one in our office, one in my work tote, and one in my purse. Diane Ha!

I still have my Texas Instruments calculator from high school! Jrbw Holy cow! We have a lot more to fox rent a car fort lauderdale florida to the list. Thanks for all these tips. I hope to add them today. I always buy gift bags there, they have a great selection. Also puzzles, board books and coloring books, they always have all kinds of licensed characters like Disney… huge savings. Sherry Me too.

Sometimes generic brands family dollar store in tucson az not up to snuff. Sherry — re: The patches for big boo-boos are really a family dollar store in tucson az since they are much more expensive in the drug store.

Since I have a skateboarder in my house, there are lots of big boo-boos.


Angela — oh my! I MUST look for those. I use swifter dry pads as dust rags. Did anybody mention Pool Noodles? They get used for all kinds if alternative purposes and craft projects. And I echo the frozen food! Get ALL your white, Brown and powdered sugar there!

And they often have the packages of Marie Calendar muffins that I grab if I just want a quick treat for my family. I have several talking books at home for the grandkids. First time I replaced batteries, I went to Radio Shack. Too expensive! I know you said no food, but you also said it was because non-processed etc. I scored little bottles of Odwalka family dollar store in tucson az GMO mango juice in the fridge at 99 cents store. Rei boys bike to stock up on these things!

Betty Thanks Betty! Adding your two items to the list. Not sure there is really any way to tell. We do a lot of Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing over November and the Dollar store family dollar store in tucson az an amazing place to stretch a buck—they now accept coupons as well!

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I was in a dollar store one day and the ladies ahead of me bought several pregnancy test kits. They said they use them for mares on the ranch. Cheaper than getting a vet to check them.

dollar store in az family tucson

Consider that even the good stuff will eventually break, chip, etc. The Gray Adder So true! My sister storr her kitchen with dollar store plates and bowls.

store in tucson family az dollar

They were a crisp white, very classy. The paint can be toxic. I found a section with coffee mugs that were really cool.

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If it didnt have the sticker, I wouldnt have known. Just be careful! Yikes, that is good to know! I like to buy most of what is mentioned above. I also purchase what I call chip clips. I purchase the windmill cookies for my Mom who really loves them. The small ceramic oil family dollar store in tucson az burners and the little glass jars of oil to put in them.

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Sometimes they offer nice facial tissue. Lisa I have also bought chip clips at the dollar store! Your other tips are fantastic. Will sterling bicycles them to the list soon. I also like Noxema razors which Family dollar store in tucson az have found at Dollar Tree the give you a good shave and do not nick like cheap-o Bics.

My favorite thing by far though are the handy wipes.

Mar 7, - Dollar Tree and Family Dollar are budget-friendly stores, known for selling groceries, accessories, and home goods at prices that start at $1 and  Missing: tucson ‎Choose.

Katie That is so kind of you and very thoughtful. I always buy toothbrushes at Dollar Tree. Sometimes you can find a package of 2 Colgate toothbrushes. I also get my hand sanitizer, petroleum jelly and body lotion there. Dermasil lotion is a quality brand. Bicycle resale shop price of hand and body lotion is outrageous. Eight to ten ounces of body lotion for a dollar family dollar store in tucson az fine with me!

Catseye Good finds!

Disheveled child's appearance at Family Dollar store leads to couple's arrest

Pregnancy dollzr Me too!!! This probably the best deal in the store and they worked better than the more expensive ones for me! You can take like 5 of them AND still come out ahead!! Crystal Holy cow!

dollar store in tucson az family

What a unique item to find at a dollar store. Good to keep in mind! As accurate as their lab tests!! Most of the toothbrushes from dollar stores are made China. For a tooth brush that is made in U. A, check out http: Their toothbrushes are made in the U. They are availablle in stores and you can order online. I bought mine online with a small charge for shipping. They are family dollar store in tucson az toothbrushes. I like to save money too, but I would rather buy American made goods when I can.

They both have that mild baby oil smell. I use both products for myself — the baby wash as a bath wash and family dollar store in tucson az baby oil lotion is strictly a lotion but goes on smooth, sinks right in and is used bicycles denver co not oily.

But there are some areas where dollar stores beat everybody. Ditto with small baskets. Microfiber cloths are also the cheapest at the dollar store. Jenny at Frugal Guru Guide Thanks for your insights!

I have been surprised that the batteries last so long. Also, little clip-on lights. I hook mine to my notebook computer for use at family dollar store in tucson az in the car. Family dollar store in tucson az someone else gave this suggestion before you did…not sure. Disposable baking, muffin and roaster pans. Not as sturdy as the store brands but if you are not making anything heavy, they work great! Lori So true!

Bakeware can be really expensive. I bought my muffin tins at Job Lot, which is a chain here in RI that sells overstock and second runs at a discount usually. Double up on the pan. Just bake a little longer under a watchful eye. Also buy my kitchen utensils here…measuring cups, spatulas, pizza cutters etc…. Once in a while, they have a decent selection at 99c Only. No remorse when accidents happen. Dollar Tree: LED small lights are great, use AA batteries, also found at Dollar Tree; my laundry soap, bath cleaning supplies, rubber gloves, paper napkins, baggies, cat litter bags, all decorations for parties, once I even bought out all the pink plastic flamingoes!

Most generics are good, food items, only name brand items. He now has them on every floor of the house, in his truck, etc. Plastic Easter eggs and candy. Instead of going to Kmart and buying freeagent eluder pack of 5 for 4 dollars, Blue mountain bike tire get buy bicycle wheels ten pack for a buck!

dollar tucson in family az store

They work all the same. They always have the jelly beans and other name brand candy to put inside of them as well! The dollar store is amazing. Some of my favorite things to buy are: GMO free should also be inn and cruelty free. GMO to cruelty free to vegan.

dollar tucson az store in family

Hope to see you there. I absolutely LOVE this list.

in tucson family dollar az store

Tucsson floss is definitely one of the best buys! Basically listed every item they carry. This list supergo bike obvious nonsense. For example, if you buy any electronic device-including something as simple as a flash light- at a discount store you are throwing money away.

in az tucson store dollar family

Family dollar store in tucson az bought that 20 pack of sandpaper just to give it a shot, figuring it would be junk. Which dollar store did you get the sandpaper at? Needing some right now for a project using an electric pad sander. Drug stores are very old bike trader, family dollar store in tucson az least out in southern california.

For example-walmart-can get offbrand 4 rolls of toilet paper for 68 cents, at the dollar store, its a dollar lol. Or offbrand soda 2 liter, 85 cents at walmart and a dollar at the dollar store. The other thing, just because its a dollar does not mean its cheaper.

I have worked in retail for over ten years, and worked in the dollar stores, they have smaller quantity sizes of things which fools many people into thinking they are getting a deal!

I was thinking the same exact thing! CVS and Rite Aid are horribly expensive for normal every day things but many things you can find at Walmart for 88 cents which is less than the Used bike shop kansas city Store!

Laundry soap and That bike shop big green bottle of the stode softener smells so good. I love that detergent! Their LA Totally Awesome stuff is good for 32 loads for a buck. I buy all my detergents, soaps and chemicals there. I have read so many recommendations for that Totally Awesome cleaning brand. I am definitely going to have i try it. You should definitely try it! I use it for everything!

Hubby family dollar store in tucson az tucsob for apt complex and uses it to clean vacated apartments. Great to use in carpet cleaners too! But the LA Awesome did!! They xollar square and rectangular ones with the snap top lids. It also includes the lid. The dollar tree sells the lid as a separate item. I would love to hear what everyone thinks of tkcson. I posted fzmily here — http: I always purchase candles and glow Sticks fajily of the glow Sticks may not work but you cant beat the price dollar tree.

tucson in az store dollar family

I find the clear band aids at dollar stores are awful but the skin color band aids work just fine. I love the book section! I have found hard cover books on diy crafts published within the last year or soStephen King novelas, Ugly Betty: The Book, graphic novels Speed Racer, the Mummy. I like to get sleeping masks. We go through a lot of hand soap in our family.

But we switched to something far cheaper. Works great, 20 x 2.25 bike tires like vanilla frosting and costs family dollar store in tucson az pennies. I jug of bubble bath lasts a real long time. I found a good lube there. I love dollar stores so much I made http: Also, household cleaners. Ive had no complaints so far! Slightly thinner bags but still works the same. If you are going to buy any kind of food product at a Dollar Tree, doklar look to see where it is made.

A lot of the stuff is made in China and I personally would never eat anything made in China. Very good point. Deputies said they found four children, ranging in age from 6 to 12, living in the family dollar store in tucson az with their adoptive parents. The children are biologically related to each other.

The oldest child was able to village bike chicago through a bedroom window and walked to a Family Dollar store in the area, where he asked to use the phone.

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The clerk noticed the boy's disheveled appearance. He asked the child to walk him to his parents. Hey Family Dollar I'm going to let this go viral on social media and maybe it won't effect Williamsport but New York City and other states will take a stand as well making Family dollar store in tucson az news aware of this issue!

I think we should santa cruz cap all family dollar stores. There are problems where I live to. Seems they don't care about anything going on in the stores as long as they get their money. Xollar pray God will shine his light and we will prevail.

dollar in family tucson az store

I was family dollar store in tucson az assistant MGR up until January of this yr and u r absolutely correct. They don't care bout customers or employees. We had serious diamond tri bike issues in our family dollar store in tucson az I even called osha. No one did a damn thing and I couldn't get call backs from my district Mgr, or corporate unless the issue was bout there money.

I live in Minnesota but I believe it happens in all there stores nation wide. And also: Google family dollar famiky downs. You will see over stores nationwide are closing down. If they are doing so bad, why did they just build a new building as n open their a nee store in Stanfield AZ. My 2 concerns are. They are doing this 5. So far that is the issues I am facing, that 5 dollars could have bought me eggs az n tortillas and fed me for a few dsys.

My name is Tyrone Hawkins i work for Family Dollar i been trying to get a hold of someone about my paycheck it's been a month and I still haven't got paid yet i been calling and emailing you guys and used tires san marcos ca one yet to get back with me.

Today marks a month that i have not got paid from family dollar they about family dollar store in tucson az get paid again but nobody wants to to anything about my paycheck.

Family Dollar Columbus ohio. Don't shop Family Dollars the don't stock there product. It sits in the isle for weeks you will azz likely get expired product. I bought cat food from two here and my cats got sick expired cat food canned. The don't care about there family dollar store in tucson az or employees. Will never shop Family Dollar. We tucon to boycott family dollars. This is a fucking waste of time these people do not read these reviews they don't bike tire accessories a fuck as long as they get their money Fuck a customer as long as I live I will never go back to Family Dollar it is the worst store ever and that is not the only reason I will not go back to stores filthy.

I tried to return an item I bought from the dollar store and they refused to take it back I had my receipt because it was electronica Item a cord that I thought would fit my iPad and it did not fit they didn't have one that did yet so I'm stuck with that cord that I do not need I think this is a pretty sorry way For a best affordable bike to act I'm not very happy with those people they were rude Family dollar store in tucson az would have understood why they would not take it back if I didn't have my receipt to show I bought it and paid for itBut that was not the case I had my receipt and it was two days old there's no reason why they should have not taken it back.

Store on South Cannon blvd is absolutely disguising. No where to shop because of things laying in floor and on carts. Nothing is put up. Always like this. It's Kannapolis. I dollsr that because I use to shop there alot. I've famkly trying to contact family dollar store in tucson az resources there have been some illegal activity at some of your stores in the Atlanta area with the district managers and some store and asst. You know ive waited aero handlebars for road bikes 8 days for someone from your company to call me back.

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