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RideSense adds BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy) to the existing ANT+ connectivity so your bike and performance data are more connected than ever before.

2019 Giant RideSense ANT+ and Bluetooth Speed/Cadence Sensor in Black sense giant ride

The Lord was right. Use the menu button to select Bike Settings. If it says Sensor Not Present continue on. Spin the crank.

Giant RideSense cadence sensor not picking up crank magnet when mounted properly.

The green and red lights on the Ride Sense should be blinking and Cadence should appear. If not run through this set up again.

ride sense giant

Start by resetting the RideSense by removing the battery. Leave the battery out for 30 seconds.

2019 Giant RideSense ANT+ and Bluetooth Speed/Cadence Sensor in Black

Re install and proceed with set up. Please note that after ten revolutions the lights on the sensor go out until the wheel has stopped for about twenty minutes.

sense giant ride

There ridw have it. The frame rides exceptionally well and I personally felt giant ride sense it was a bit more compliant than the top-of-the-range Advanced SL without sacrificing efficiency. So what did I choose for the big ride?

sense giant ride

While steering precision and front-end stiffness are likely improved by OverDrive 2, I initially wondered if there was a comfort trade-off in the works. Many race frames giant ride sense overly harsh for the majority of the cycling population.

sense giant ride

The Advanced SL though is the sharpest handling bike in the line. Descending on the bike was a true pleasure. And there was nothing about giant ride sense frame that slowed me down as I suffered up Mallorcan climbs.


Giant also provides buyers of ISP bikes with both 25 and 40mm seat post caps. This helps reassure buyers about reselling them to giant ride sense with a larger inseam.

ride sense giant

Set the bike up with the 25mm head for your riding and hold onto the 40mm head in case someone taller shows an interest in buying your machine. Can we use your data to tailor ads for you? By closing giany giant ride sense or using our site, you agree that we and our partners can collect your data and use cookies for giant ride sense personalization and measurement.

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Have tried every setting on the computer and nothing giant ride sense. I unscrewed the ridesense from the frame giajt took the crank magnet off too.

When i rub the magnet directly against the sensor, nothing happens.

Technical Information

I pried open the magnet casing giant ride sense took the magenet out. When i rub the raw magnet alone against the sensor, i get a red light and a cadence reading It appears my magnet is too weak to trip the sensor.

sense giant ride

Anyone know where i can get a thule 9029 replacement magnet? Makes me wonder why they bother manufacturing a little magnet holder and cable ties when all they had to do was provide a cheap simple magnet on its giant ride sense.

Giant RideSense ANT+ & Bluetooth Sensor and Magnets - Bike24

Cycle touring blog and tour journals: Anyone know what the magnet giant provides is? I mean, it is small and looks like a rare earth magnet and it is quite strong.

sense giant ride

Just hoping the rare earth magnet giant ride sense it and west seattle bike not something wrong with the sensor. I remember a similar problem I had and it required me to line up the magnet with the markings on the sensor for it to pick up.

sense giant ride

I am using the giant giant ride sense that came with the bike. Basically, it would only work by physically touching the magnet to a small spot on the sensor. Anywhere else and it wouldnt work.

ride sense giant

I have some strong button senxe here that you can put in series and can giant ride sense attached to the crank arm using 3M tape. Mens Electric Bikes.

Dec 11, - Hi I am picking up my new bike tomorrow and it has giant "ridesense" on it. Anyone know of a decent computer that does the basics like.

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