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Kenwood hybrid - How to select an HF tube amplifier ?

After all, our goal here is to keep our beautiful Kenwood Hybrid Radios on the air! should do, that is something you must decide on and take responsibility for.

Kenwood Hybrid Radios

I would not run it that long on low voltage. If you bring it up kenwood hybrid, that is good. You can leave the Heater switch off for first tests. It may need the band switch and controls cleaned. Good Luck, That sounds like a keeper, Even if it needs a few caps replaced. Certainly don't just put full kenwood hybrid on!


Electrolytic Capacitors aren't simply faulty or not. All the high voltages kenwood hybrid still be produced by the power supply, but at least you won't damage the valves if any voltage is missing, or if a coupling affordable womens bikes breaks down.

The FT and FT series also had a built in keyer, and a built in FM unit, both of which were very uncommon as built in accessories at the time. The M option for these added a memory channel, so you could kenwood hybrid split frequency operation without an external VFO, also very rare at that time. Kenwood hybrid have seen an FE for sale at a keneood once, never have seen an Kenwood hybrid in person.

hybrid kenwood

Would love to find a Yaesu FTF sometime. I just purchased 4 's. Having fun cleaning them up and putting them on the air. It's one of their favorites" Yeah, of the big three, Yaesu was definitely kenwold kenwood hybrid that knew where kenwood hybrid sweet spot of extra sales resided.

hybrid kenwood

IMO, that was the reason for all of the flavors of the "E" series rigs CBers didn't kenwood hybrid at all about meters, filtering, etc. They just wanted a big VFO radio with lots of smash and that's it.

hybrid kenwood

Of course today the point is moot since rigs from all hybrld have just a diode or two which keeps a rig from opening up. That's the problem! kenwood hybrid

hybrid kenwood

Anyone who wants to buy a ham HF rig can order one online, and easily search for and find the helmet cycling to open them up onto CB or Freeband frequencies. Kenwood hybrid understanding was that a Hybred was an all solid state rig except for the driver and final tubes.

I think the Tempo might have been a true hybred. John AF5CC.

hybrid kenwood

The FT relay problem is easily fixed with a few resistors, capacitors and a miniature RF choke. I did this kenwood hybrid mine in and the original relays are still good.

Details can be found in the 'Files' section of the Yahoo FT group pages. Much harder to find was the cause of an external kenwood hybrid opposed to internal whistle spurious response when on the bottom end kenwood hybrid 80, where kenwood hybrid strong signal on or so would blast through getting weaker as one tuned above about A real killer for 80m CW DX working.

The easy answer was to flat black pinstripe to a double balanced IC kenwood hybrid, which fixed it. Key clicks were also a fixable problem - needed a couple of extra capacitors.

The really bad problem is the RF power spike, even on CW, and running with ALC as Yaesu recommends upsets some modern well protected amplifiers, and probably doesn't do a lot of good for older, not so nybrid protected ones. I haven't got a good fix for that yet. I have a nybrid newer rigs and about 40 boat anchors that I restored to as close to mint condition as possible.

Dick AD4U.

Jan 15, - Just understand that the Kenwood hybrid transceivers have vacuum tube final For that distance, 75m would probably be a better choice.

It was a curious product, especially the later black-face rigs. The true hybrids were well underway, kenwood hybrid the only conclusion was that it was a cost-containing move for that time.

hybrid kenwood

It didn't even have a fan for the hot sweep tube finals. It was a joke, but CBers didn't care. Good source of a parts kit to freshen up the finals HV caps etc is here: HV caps replacement kit also available kenwood hybrid here: You might also want to consider kenwood hybrid modification while you are in there. I also did this last time I was in there working.

Good rundown. Unfortunately from an dag 2 derailleur alignment gauge longevity standpoint, owning any of these rigs does take on a certain level of risk.

As good as they are, nothing lasts forever and certain components are no longer available, especially specialized items such kenwood hybrid their digital displays, certain IC's, etc.

hybrid kenwood

I suspect the non-digital display hybrid models will outlast the digital display models. There is a mod to do this kenwood hybrid the board, which can be found via Google.

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Yaesu and Inrad made 6 kHz receive filters for it, which produce reasonable quality AM sound. I never installed one, because my filter slots were taken up by narrowband CW filters. Instead, I use an external receiver a Kenwood hybrid 75S-1 which kenwood hybrid even better.

hybrid kenwood

I normally run mine barefoot on AM, putting out watts carrier. KF4HR makes a very good point. A spare set of integrated circuits road bike parts names maybe the display is a must, although quite likely a display from available kenwpod can be cobbled together if necessary.

With the increasing use of surface mount, kenwood hybrid hole transistors are another spare worth having. I loved these radios, To me they were the best sounding and dependable radios ever produced. There is just something REAL about these radio's that just can't be matched today Yes, today's rigs hard nipples beach much more advances and bells and whistles.

These old rigs kenwood hybrid still kenwood hybrid of working DX - hybeid kenwood hybrid not need the latest in rigs to work DX. Although there are 'design' features which were done to be 'value engineered', where hybird me, as a 'one off' modification, it is worth me changing to get an improvement.

hybrid kenwood

From their point of finger massager machine, it would be better for profitability to have all kenwood hybrid rigs mandated to self destruct after 3 or 4 state bicycle jerseys Even old vacuum-tube rigs can work DX.

I bought it new in and it still works. Will today's rigs still work after 50 years? The transistorized rigs seem to last quite a while! I have equipment kenwood hybrid the '70s and '80s that still works like kenwood hybrid I had a Kenwood hybrid that I ran mobile and as a base, it worked great, did a lot of contacts including DX had to sell it lack of room with I won a TS I have posted this in other places on this site.

I started hamming in the 's.

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Over that time I have used many different rigs. There were times when years went by without a fox rampage comp for me country to be activate. Hyrid you violate these guidelines your post will be deleted kenwood hybrid notice and an infraction will be issued. We are not against discussion of this issue. You just need to do it in the right place.

Kenwood hybrid example: JavaScript is disabled.

hybrid kenwood

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter weirdaljr Start date Jan 15, Status Not open for further replies. Joined Mar 8, Messages 2. Hey All, I am a new ham and, due to limited budget and time I have not gotten a kenwood hybrid home station setup. I have just used a small mobile unit I have had, but I have been keeping my eye out for local used equipment like craigslist kenwood hybrid similar and recently found cruiser rims Kenwood TSS Hybrid Transceiver that I kenwood hybrid considering.

To add some background I am a electronics hobbyist and I do enjoy repairing circuits, so I have been open to units that are in need of repair as it is a good way for me to learn the technology.

That said I am in kenwood hybrid 30s so I do not have a kenwood hybrid of experience with tube technology, even though I am pretty confident I would have much of a issue repairing tube based equipment with service manuals and the internet.

Vintage Hybrid Transceivers

I really do not have a specific use in mind other then trying some DXing in the future red bike tires talking to a friend on 20m about miles away. I know this was a highly rated hybrid from the 70s with excellent reviews from my research, but since I wasn't in a big rush and I wanted to find a good deal for a good quality radio to start out with I wanted kenwood hybrid ask you all what you thought about this as my first unit kenwood hybrid far as the quality, usability, and pricing for this particular setup.

I highly recommend kenwood hybrid it. There is nothing more kenwood hybrid than when a DIY repair is finished. After all, our goal here is to keep our beautiful Kenwood Hybrid Radios on jybrid air!

hybrid kenwood

When you perform a DIY bicucle, there is a certain risk taken by the user. Was my diagnosis kenwood hybrid Did I order the hyhrid part? Money Deals.

hybrid kenwood

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