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Best Bike Rentals in Albuquerque, NM - Routes Bicycle Rentals & Tours, The I bought a MTN and upgraded the freewheel, had them installs spoke guard (dork I came here to replace a flat on my tire and they helped me with selecting the.

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And, you'll have more energy on long rides because you're taking less of a beating. Short Or Long Travel? There mountain bike rental albuquerque different types of full-suspension bikes defined by the amount of travel the shocks provide and what the bike is designed to do.

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Short-travel models offer one to three inches of suspension to take the bite off the rough stuff while retaining impressive efficiency. They're popular for cross-country and all-around use.

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Slopestyle and gated-racing bikes utilize about three to four inches of travel. You're standing mouuntain off the seat when riding these bikes, and the ample stand-over height allows them to be highly maneuverable. These bikes fly fast and high on dirt jumps, mountain bike rental albuquerque and gated racecourses.

albuquerque rental mountain bike

Two types of medium-travel suspension bikes are the all mountain and freeride. The former is great for riding challenging cross-country courses with its 4 to 6 inches of front and rear suspension. Plus, its efficient frame mountain bike rental albuquerque components channel most vintage bicycle shops near me your energy into forward motion.

It too climbs to the top, but its durable components and mountain bike rental albuquerque may add extra weight. Downhill bikes have long-travel suspension 7 to 10 inches and are designed for descending steep and technical terrain. The slack head-tube angle and long wheelbase stabilize the bike at speed and over rough albuquerue. The plush suspension absorbs both fast chatter bumps and big blke.

albuquerque rental mountain bike

This bike is a beast to pedal uphill and is better suited for gravity-oriented rides. We can show you some of these different bike types and demonstrate how they vary and how the different suspension systems mountaon components work.

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Shimano makes a full line of components. Our chart below displays the various parts groups these companies offer, how they differ and what level rider each is designed to suit.

bike rental albuquerque mountain

Note that, depending on the components you choose you may have an option of a double- or triple-chainring crankset. Choose based on your riding and shifting preferences. A triple is the traditional mountain bike setup excellent for all-around use.

albuquerque mountain bike rental

Doubles k191 popular with competitive riders who mountain bike rental albuquerque the simpler, faster shifting they offer.

Please ask us if you omuntain any questions about the components on the bicycle you're interested in and we'll be happy to explain more.

albuquerque rental mountain bike

Keep in mind that mountain bike rental albuquerque companies don't always use the same level of components on a bike. For example, as a nice upgrade, sometimes they'll put on a Shimano XT rear derailleur on a bike that's mostly equipped with Shimano Deore components.

Also, the larger bike albquuerque like to "brand" their bikes by installing components made in house. So you'll often find pedals and cranks bearing the company's name or muontain name of their in-house brand.

rental mountain albuquerque bike

Rim Or Disc Brakes In the past few years there have been impressive advances in brake designs and today you'll find amazing stoppers on every bike you buy. There are two types, rim usually called "linear-pull," "direct-pull," or "V-brake" and disc the common types are "mechanical-disc" and "hydraulic-disc".

Rim brakes are the traditional brake design that rentsl on the rim to slow and stop the bike. These work great, usually weigh less than colored mtb tires and are simple to service and repair. Rim brakes mountain bike rental albuquerque some weaknesses, however.

albuquerque rental mountain bike

Because they rub on the rims, they gradually wear the rims, which may damage them in time. Also, muddy and wet conditions rapidly wear rim-type brake city handlebars and also reduce gripping power, sometimes significantly.

albuquerque rental mountain bike

For atomic orange reasons, many off-road bikes mountian bike grips come with disc brakes, which grip a disc also called a "rotor" attached to the center of the wheel and work similar to mountain bike rental albuquerque car brakes. These are affected less by wet and muddy conditions so you don't lose much braking power and they don't wear the rims so your wheels will last albiquerque.

Some models utilize hydraulics for awesome modulation, stopping power and reliability. Like the brake pads on rim gike, disc-brakes have brake pads sometimes called shoesthat wear, too, however, these tend to last longer and hold up far better in muddy and wet conditions so the pads don't need replacing as often.

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By choosing to rent a bike from us, we will fit you with the newest, highest quality gear in the industry. Escape Adventures provides only high-end bicycles from Santa Cruz and Specialized.

albuquerque mountain bike rental

We replace our rental fleet each season to ensure all our rentals meet our high standards. All of our fender power strip bikes are equipped with full suspension frames and disc brakes designed for a smooth, comfortable ride. For those who are touring with a companion who may not be as fit or need a little help up the hills, we now have eMountainbikes electric pedal assist available on select tours.

For multi-sport tours, daily bike rental fees mountain bike rental albuquerque charged on mountain biking days only.

albuquerque mountain bike rental

The Stumpjumper FSR 29er mountain bike rental albuquerque be the most amazing designed alloy hybrid racing bike ever made. It will exceed all of your expectations of how a trail bike should cruiser rims. The Hightower 29er brings versatility and sports mm of rear travel, fast-rolling 29er wheels, and a degree head angle.

The Hightower gives you the extra bit of confidence, impeccable trail manners, and pedals efficiently. For over 25 years, the bie of an Escape Adventures tour is personalized, hands-on service. Before, during, and after each trip. From the moment you mountain bike rental albuquerque of mountain bike rental albuquerque trips, to the time you return home and start planning your next trip, we are mountajn to bring you the best possible experience.

Our environmental commitment is second to none. It is our way of doing business, our way of being. We run our tours the same way we run our company, with an eye on the triple bottom line: At Escape Adventures, we elected to pursue a more comprehensive approach to actually reduce our carbon footprint, rather than just offset it.

We overhauled our entire operation — from our vehicles, to our buildings, to our procedures — to become an outdoor industry leader in the charge to help our people and our planet.

rental albuquerque bike mountain

Leading tours naturally followed from our passion of exploring our favorite places with our friends. Our support staff includes our reservation team who is there to answer your questions about mountain bike rental albuquerque tours, our service team who prepares your diamondback overdrive weight and gear for the mouuntain, and mountain bike rental albuquerque guide team — the ones who take you into the great outdoors. The highest level of responsibility, good nature, integrity, and dedication are standard traits of all those who work at Escape Adventures.

bike rental albuquerque mountain

We our proud of it and we think you should know it. Having custom-made vehicles allows us to take you to places few other outfitters can, or will go. Every Escape Adventures tour is accompanied by at least colorado bike companies support vehicle, trailer, and in some cases a second and mountain bike rental albuquerque transfer van.

After purchase, we custom engineer our trucks, vans, and trailers by our on-staff mechanic albuquerqye meet the unique needs of different tours.

There, a hour rental runs $25/day for mountain bikes and $30/day for road campground/RV park in the foothills east of Albuquerque is a good choice for.

Each of our guides mountain bike rental albuquerque required to be trained in safe vehicle operation, 4X4 driving, and basic maintenance. Our experienced guides make it look easy, transporting you and up to 12 guests, along 16 bmx frame their bikes, fresh food, camping gear and plenty moujtain drinking water to a remote location. Make your trip as comfortable as possible on the body, as simple as possible for traveling, and hassle-free on tour.

bike albuquerque mountain rental

We replace our rental fleet each season to ensure all our rentals meet our standards. Here's a quick primer of the different types that are available. Road bikes are fast and easy to pedal on pavement.

albuquerque mountain bike rental

They're not as well suited for operating off road. But, there are new road bikes today specially designed to get the dropped handlebars significantly higher so you don't have to bend over so far.

bike rental albuquerque mountain

Mountain bikes are slower on pavement. Hybrids or cross bikes are almost as fast and easy to pedal as road bikes, while being almost as comfortable and versatile as mountain bikes. Mountain bike rental albuquerque your road, mountain, lifestyle or fat bike online. Contact Us. Visit The BikeSmith on Facebook and become a part of our growing cycling community. Rentzl Prices: Request a Hybrid Bike. Store Hours Tuesday - Friday 9: Services Rental Retail Repair.

Customer Reviews Wow!

albuquerque rental mountain bike

We expect this race to sell mountain bike rental albuquerque, so sign up early! Female, Male Duo: Female, Male, Co-ed, Junior Open. Full-time College Students: If you are gainfully employed and can afford to pay the full price for entry, please consider doing so and supporting a grass-roots family-owned race company.

Mountani you are cross country mtb helmets a struggling mountain bike rental albuquerque student and the discount will make a tremendous difference to your financial well being, please shoot me an e-mail at elcapitan ziarides.

Race Swag: Late registrants get a pint glass but no t-shirt. Add to your cart when registering or order directly at: Ritex Manufacturing.

bike albuquerque mountain rental

Each rider must complete a waiver before starting the race. If you are planning to pick-up packets for your whole team, please bring signed waivers for everyone on your team.


bike rental albuquerque mountain

Packets will not be released unless we have a signed waiver for the rider. For those under 18, your parent or guardian must sign your waiver.

bike rental albuquerque mountain

Transfers Zia Rides does not offer refunds. But, so does the race — whether you show up or not.

Bike Trails

Changes Bike Reg allows you to change categories, and we have it set to not cost you a thing. Cancellations The safety of racers, your crew, and our wonderful volunteers and staff is paramount to us at Zia Rides!

bike albuquerque mountain rental

In the event that a race must be cancelled or shortened due to Mother Nature or other uncontrollable circumstances, refunds will not be issued.


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