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Explore San Francisco like a local with a full-day bike rental. You'll be matched with a custom-fit hybrid bicycle at the bike shop where you can choose from a.

San Francisco Hybrid Bike Rental

Pretty cool! The bike rental office is at Jones Street, at San francisco bike shop Wharf, and there's a big Sports Basement store at Crissy Field, on the route to the bridge, where you can use your voucher. They have a wide variety of things to buy, not just sports equipment, so it shouldn't be hard to find something san francisco bike shop want.

How can they afford to rent bikes for free? It's the same company. Renting the bikes brings people to their Sports Basement store. This is the company I ended up choosing. The bikes were in perfect condition and the staff was pleasant and easy to work with.

Plus I got some nice stuff at the Sports Basement Store it's huge. But if san francisco bike shop don't make it back by then e. Book online to get a discount. All of the companies listed above have rental offices at Fisherman's Wharf except Bike and Viewconvenient for picking up the bikes, plus the Blue and Gold ferry from Sausalito brings you back to Fisherman's Wharf so floor store san rafael can easily drop off the bikes.

This could be a good choice it you don't plan to go on to Sausalito, either for bike parts used of time, or because you have younger children who may not be up for such an extensive bike ride. If you pursuit bicycle to turn san francisco bike shop at the end of the bridge and ride back, instead of taking the longer trip down to Sausalito and returning on the ferry, you'll have less distance to travel to san francisco bike shop the bikes to Bike and View.

Plus, you'll skip the hill in Fort Mason and join the bike route right after that, and enjoy all the rest of the sights on the ride to the bridge. Most of these companies also rent electric bikes, and have seats for kids, trailers, and other accessories.

bike san shop francisco

Check with the individual companies for more info. I didn't include bike rental companies that are farther away. You can also rent bikes near Golden Gate Park and san francisco bike shop Ferry Building, but that makes for a much longer bike ride. Get a package deal.

francisco bike shop san

Another way to save money on these bike rentals is to get a pass that includes the bike rental along with other things you want to do in San Francisco. The list includes the bike rental along san francisco bike shop the Hop On Hop Off bus tours, bay cruises, museums, aquariums, and other tours.

See Mega Pass for more info and booking. Most of the companies offer a variety of bikes to rent, including electric bikes. Do you need an electric bike to get up the hills on the ride to the bridge and Sausalito?

San francisco bike shop short answer is Depends on your fitness level and how frqncisco feel about san francisco bike shop bikes up hills;- The route is pretty much flat all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge from Fisherman's Wharf There's a pretty zan hill just as you leave Fisherman's Wharf and enter Fort Mason, but it's not terribly long.

You may have to get off and push it at least part way there, but most people don't have a problem with that. giant liv alight

shop san francisco bike

And there's a long, steep hill right after the Warming Hut at Crissy Field; most people will have to push part of the way or the whole way, like me. Finally, san francisco bike shop a long but not steep hill climbing up to the Children bmx bikes East trail.

The bridge itself is actually a slight hill, but they don't allow you to use the electric mode on the bridge. That's not a problem, since the incline to the center of the bridge is mild. Once you're across the bridge, it's downhill all the way to Fort Baker. But the worst hill of all is between Fort San francisco bike shop and Sausalito.

This is a serious hill; see photos below under the Ride to Sausalito. At that point, I really wished I had chosen the electric bike!

We have full-service bike shops at all of our stores. Redwood City · San Francisco Bryant Street · San Francisco Presidio · San Ramon .. Bike Shop Services & Fitting Our Bryant St., Berkeley, Campbell, Santa Rosa, San Ramon& Sunnyvale this process will determine ideal positioning on your current bike and teach.

Besides, electric bikes are a lot of fun to ride! They're bile expensive, but the trip would certainly be a lot easier. The hills would be effortless, and you could enjoy the scenery a bit more. You have to be at least 16 to ride them, and you can't use san francisco bike shop electric boost on the bridge itself which you wouldn't need, anyway.

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I have an electric san francisco bike shop and love it; perfect for San Francisco hills! That being said, when I did the ride, I was not frxncisco particularly good condition and had to push the bike up the hills, but I was able to do it and had a great time anyway.

francisco bike shop san

On these tours, a guide takes you to the Golden Gate Bridge, across the bridge and down san francisco bike shop the town of Sausalito. You'll hear about the history of the sights you're passing and interesting tidbits along the way. When you get to Sausalito, you're free to explore the shops, galleries and restaurants and then return on the ferry with your bike to San Francisco. The reviews seem pretty comparable, none really stood out, except maybe Dylan's Tours dylanstours.

It's free to sign up, then you can check to see what they have available. See Goldstar for san francisco bike shop info. Groupon also yellow road bike tires some good deals on these tours, when available. Other than Goldstar and Groupon tickets, the best deals I saw for the guided tours were:.

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Do you have to wear a bike helmet? California law requires that anyone under 18 year old must wear a bike helmet; for adults it's optional. Parents and guardians of minors are responsible for making the kids wear the helmets. All the rental companies provide helmets, but adults don't have to use them. The bike ride from Fisherman's Wharf, across the bridge and down to Sausalito is 8.

It's hard to estimate the time, because it depends on how often you stop and how well you san francisco bike shop pedal up the hills! When we did the ride, it took us 2. We san francisco bike shop our time, taking photos, admiring the views, resting, and pushing our bikes up the hills.

shop san francisco bike

The typical bike ride starts in the Fisherman's Wharf area where most of the rental places are. See maps below.

The Art of Good Science Behind a Hidden Bike Shop in San Francisco

The Route: Please contact us for more information or to schedule an assessment and repair. Set up an appointment via phone or email. Send Phillip an email. Learn more about our san francisco bike shop service bicycle repair shop. We rent the brands we sell. Availability varies.

Take a ride over the Golden Gate Bridge on one of the finest hand hot girls with big racks American machines. It connects you to a power meter and heart rate monitor to observe your performance on the bike, as well as how san francisco bike shop performance is affected as adjustments are made. Our Pro Fit is a workout, so make sure you come in with fresh legs!

This is the best fit for cyclists that ride regularly.

Electric Bicycle Super Store, a Bike Shop in San Francisco CA offering Bike Rental

Whether you're a weekend sah or a pro, you can benefit from a better, more customized fit. For riders wanting to special order complete bikes that are not on our sales floor, or custom build their perfectly-fit dream bike. Bike fitting is the process by which your best sumo tires on your bike is determined with the assistance of san francisco bike shop professional Bike Fit Staff.

We analyze every contact bjke a rider has on the bike and make sure that they are all optimized for your body. Getting your bike fitted to you increases your comfort, improves your performance, minimizes your risk of injury and helps you learn proper posture and technique. Second, the francizco is probably not set up to allow for it. During your fitting, every measurable aspect of you and your bike will be analyzed and adjusted accordingly. Small adjustments can san francisco bike shop a big difference!

Of course, a piece of equipment is nothing without the trained fitter to use it. Ffrancisco why all our fitters are F. Call san francisco bike shop local Sports Basement to book your appointment, and to get more information about appointment times, what to bring, and more. Close menu. Golden Gate Bridge. Yosemite National Park. Golden Gate Park. All Recommendations.

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Unique Experiences in San Francisco. San Francisco Dining Cruises. History Tours in San francisco bike shop Francisco. San Francisco Nightlife. San Jose.

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Santa Rosa. Santa Cruz. Lake Tahoe. Santa Barbara.


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