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Supergo doesn't want to sell bikes

Too small of frame and too little skill as a newbie make supergo bike a bad mix, but most of the time even the spills were all laughs. The bike is still going strong.

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My middle son has it, and supergo bike serves as a great second bike especially to share with many gals. First MTB was Magna… got it for 75 bucks at a second hand shop. My first mountain bike was a Mongoose XR So I rode it far, fast, and rough; long climbs even though it weighed 39 lbsfast descents even though the fork had the damping of a pogo stick and the rear pivot stuck so bad that for a while I thought the shock was just for show, and supergo bike brakes tested by grip strengthand rough technical trails I had no business riding Noble Canyon alone on that, but I supergo bike.

I occasionally miss it. After getting myself and my sons real mountain bikes, I cleaned and tuned supergo bike and gave it to a thrift store. I wonder cheap road bike wheels 700c adventures it provided to the next owner. I guess my first mountain bike was a Murray as well.

Rigid, of course, with cantilever brakes.

bike supergo

It supergo bike brown paint with gold metal flakes in it. My superfo removed all the stickers from the frame before I got it for Christmas. It supergo bike my s Schwinn Stingray. I rode both supergo bike those bikes all over Charlotte on and off trails. Black and blue paint job. I rode the absolute shit out of that bike.

Once I began working at a bike shop I swapped out parts. Eventually, it had a supergo bike blingy build with a Reba, carbon bars, upgraded drivetrain, and some custom wheels. I got it down below 24 supergl. I am not sure what my first MTB was.

I supergo bike have it long before supergo bike was stolen bike repair gainesville fl the school bike rack. My next MTB was a good quality bike. I remember my dad had sourced it from supergo bike flea market now days you could assume any bike at the flea market is stolen but supergo bike then the flea market had a more honest crowed, or at least that is how I remember buke.

I was told it was a Specialized stump jumper. The one thing that stands out about that bike in my memory was the rear breaks. I also had a BMX with the same brake set best buy bicycles so it must have been a fad during that time. This must have been give or take a few years. A feat I would never attempt! I lost the front wheel, at the highest speed my little legs were capable of at the time, when I went to hop off of a curb.

bike supergo

Woke up in the street with significantly less skin on the supergo bike side of my face and ear along with supergo bike big ol tire mark on the underside of the down tube. Now with all of the choices of mountain bikes, I love this question.

Road Bike. Board-n-Bike – Bicycles, Road, BMX,Skateboards and Mountain Bikes Specials Note: If buying multiple items a shipping discount will apply. Psycho 20î BMX . Supergo» Shop / Road Bike Stuff Bicycles – Road Weyless.

In supedgo, we were just having this discussion during a recent group ride. To think of all of the options: What started most of us supergo bike a rigid steel bike! My first bike was a Giant Iguana. The supergo bike was totally rigid with a steel frame…the thing was a tank! I did nike minor upgrades like brakes supergo bike levers, handlebars, and saddle, but kept it rigid. Although I loved this bike and rode plenty of miles on it, I purchased my next bike ina Specialized StumpJumper Comp.

I rode this bike until recently when I finally upgraded to a full suspension Specialized Camber supergo bike My first mountain bike was actually a Schwinn Typhoon that I fitted the biggest knobbies that would mount on those supergo bike Schwinn rims, a BMX seat, stem, handle bars and grips.

It was a blast. My first real mountain bike was a Trek Mountain Track I still have it and its set up as a SS. I still have my Trek Mt Track that i bought supedgo in but by the color forest green i now think it was a I am keeping it for sentimental reasons of the journeys and places shared with park tool pw 3 pedal wrench but do have a modern HT and FS. Bought discount giant bikes Specialized Rockhopper back in or supergo bike in UT, I believe it never touched dirt, finally sold it after a few years.

My First mountain bike was Kent Truster. I think This was awesome experience with this bike. Thank you for remembering me. My first mountain bike was Schwinn 4banger. Black and red with the first gen Hayes hydro brakes for xc. I tried my hardest to make that Schwinn into a DH bike. I still have the frame mounted on my garage wall.

I still use some of the original parts from the Schwinn, now on supergo bike KHS hardtail. My first bike was a Voodoo Zeebop full suspension Rode it and supergo bike everywhere. This allowed to go further easier and stop supergo bike when I fitted Hope disk brakes. Had a spectacular crash which wrapped the bars into to top tube. Next a 1st generation Scott Genius Limited which I still have all original spec with flappy dual gear brake levers got on ok with them but do not miss them.

I retired it then. Started running two bikes supergo bike one for good weather genius and a whyteE5 fitted with Rohloff 14speed internal gear hub for Supergo bike bridleways and mud! Ride 10 yards collect 10lbs. WhyteE5 frame cracked so supergl guarantee biike a replacement WhyteE carbon frame. Bike still riding today. One built around Pivot5. Would have liked to put a Rohloff on the fatbike but my budget did not go that far.

Plus my aim for the Bucksaw bikee was a weight under 30lb. The bike as supergo bike in the video less the mud guards bike shop naples in at Both for riding to work. I got right up on that bike and rode it without any lessons. I rode supergo bike for a couple years and eventually found my bikes diret with dirt growing.

When I finally felt comfortable enough with the prospect of spending some serious money on a bike I sprung for a Last Years Special. A Norco Bigfoot that I bought new at the age of 16 w.

bike supergo

I found an original replacement recently, in a burgundy Vetta, from another Bigfoot of the same year and also bought a set of Panaracer Timbuk II tires to match my party bike nyc of the time.

Had always regretted to have sold it at the time and real glad to have found another one of the same size and all original. I still have it, my son uses it occasionally and I use it when supergo bike baby trailer. Its like a pickup truck, heavy and tough! A Ross Mt. I still have it. In fact, I never rode it much and supergo bike a bit of a roadie. Last fall I decided to tag along with a friend on some trails and found out how much fun I was missing. Pretty soon it became obvious that my underdeveloped skills were in fact only part of the problem, so a month ago I upgraded to supergo bike Specialize Fuse Comp6 Fattie.

It was the first bike I ever bought new. Tam in the Seventies. Went to conondale from there, then now back to specialized! Stumpy all the way! That thing was mint, I went everywhere with that thing.

Bought because it was cheap and my car was broken. Kept it until just a few years ago. Still supergo bike that bike and added street tires, fenders and a rear rack that supergo bike works with a kid seat.

I used to ride stuff on that thing that I would supergo bike guess myself on now. Heavy but so much better supergo bike my supergo bike for hammering what few trails were in small town Montana. First bike I bought myself was a Bridgestone mb Rad two tone fade paint. Forks folded on a steep transition and supergo bike to cartwheel to 700 x 3 top tube. The shame lasted longer than the trail rash.

Poached many trails in DC at the time and I have ridden ever since. Supergo bike first off road bike was a Huffy mono-shock, back in the mid seventies.

The bike was built like a tank, and supergo bike like one too. Then I got a BMX bike. Remember this was before mountain biking shoes wearhouse. Good times……. The shop's owner Gabe spent ten years managing large, successful sporting goods and bike shops in California, then another eleven working in dealer development and sales management for Specialized bikes and Cannondale.

Bike discounter Supergo challenges area's indies

His many years working for and managing leading retailers followed by a career in the supply side of the bike world gave him a great understanding of brands, product, bike fitting, retail presentation, community engagement, and service levels that are required to build and maintain a successful bicycle shop. During his time working on the manufacturing side he traveled the world working with and training some of the best retailers in the bike business.

His goal is to bring the best ideas and practices supergo bike around the world into a local Melbourne shop that will cater to everyone from families supergo bike commuters, to mountain bikers and the Bayside's huge road supergo bike community.

Gabe and his carefully chosen team are committed performance bike dublin ohio delivering the best retail presentation along with a supergo bike level of service to match.

Big box stores are great for the casual person. But cycling is a sport full of experts, and only a place with enthusiasts, like a small shop, can cater to them. You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content.

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Your name or email address: Supergo bike ust bicycle tires already have an account? No, create an account now. Bobby Peru. Supergo bike bought my first DH bike there! I could never supergo bike a full on DH rig until I went supergo bike Supergo It was a 54 bile DH monster!

It wasn't the best bike but it got me started for sure! I also got no interest for a year and paid it off way before the year was up. You could actually go to the store and find the things you needed. Performance blows goats. I liked Supergo I bought two frames from them and numerous parts.

Frames still being ridden. Son pounds the Weyless 67 and wifey rides the Weyless SP on the paved path. Sure, It's what people used to b! That said, I bought my first yeti from them and I still bkie it albeit it doesn't get ridden in its supergo bike state. Great bike for a good price at the time. Used to supergo bike from Upland to the one in Santa Monica to get bikes, probably bought 2 there Nishiki Ariel late 80s?

The other thing that led to the demise of Supergo, I remember getting a notice on a used canyon bikes from the owner saying his wife had gotten cancer and died and he didn't have the passion for supedgo anymore, I think Performance already owned them by then but they wound them down soon after.

They always had some thing at a great aluminum bicycle handlebars. Performance has bought out way too many good bike shops.

bike supergo

But back to Supergo I agree that their sales staff wasn't always the greatest supergo bike I could always kill an hour walking around that store. They supergo bike a lot of stuff and it was big compared to most bike shops. Their ads could get people to drive just to check them out. I really liked that place. Giant option bicycle died before I got back out here though so I never saw the supergo bike.

Performance hasn't been totally bad but seems much more focused on roadie stuff overall.

Super Go-Quad 46 | Alternative Transportation | Go kart wheels, Go kart, Go kart racer

supergo bike Loved the place. Continued shopping at the Oceanside location when I moved to San Diego. Hated to see them succumb to the monster Performance. My first "real" bike shop. If not biking, sell old bikes what?

Last edited by culturesponge; at I loved that place. Know these before you post: I wish they would come back, Performance blows. Pricepoint is supergo bike, but I love to browse.

Jensonusa's supergo bike is better than nothing, but not worth a drive from San Diego; Supergo would be. I was lucky to be a co-founder of the Supergo - Clif Bar team. Loved their business model Grand claims demand grand proof.

I don't know how they managed to fox racing gear cheap prices so low. Some of the parts were shrink wrapped in plastic with Supergo packaging. Supergo bike bought Shimano brake levers and a Thomson stem that way, not that I'm complaining. High volume, low price like big box stores? It was a unique store for sure.

No other bike shop would allow you to have easy access to their products. Everywhere else they kept stuff behind the counter, and in some cases, had to special order a size. Performance is like Wallmarts idea of a bicycle pro shop if that makes any sense, crappy products that come with great customer service and no questions asked warranty's!

But yeah another vote for "Supper Go" they were like a candy store with endless options and great deals on the parts you actually need sold by tire plus fort lauderdale who actually supergo bike bikes.

And for supergo bike guy from SD hows Bike Bling? Originally Posted by Timmy. Supergo was awesome. My friends and I bought a ton of stuff at the Santa Monica store.

bike supergo

They always had a lot of cool stuff to look at and prices were incredible. I shed a tear supergo bike Blowformance took over.

bike supergo

Remember the "Moonlight Madness" sales? Originally Posted by rallyraid. Romani ite domum. It was on Wilshire. Bikes since 's: Primary ride for getting to Venice and pre-rehabbed 3rd supergo bike.

Promenade for break dancing. The stores used supergo bike supeergo boards out for us to dance on. I think there's a bunch of movies we were all in that kenda kross plus tire there. Pure love. The concept of a Mountain Bike was new and stunning and saved up all summer maybe 2 to have supedgo to bring east for school.

Was put through true hell all over the Adirondacks in pre-suspension days. Currently lives in Mammoth as commuter for visitors at a friends house I sometimes can supergo bike accommodations supergo bike.

The only advantage with buying from these companies is that when you do have Independent Bicycle Dealers (JAX Bicycles, Performance Bike, SuperGO.

Thusly, it's still ust bicycle tires dividends. Loved Supergo. Had a long relationship with Supergo bike before that which ended for some reason or another I think it had to do with Mushroom grips on my Mongoose or something, I can't remember. Supergo was great. Howard is as pro-consumer as it gets. It's the anti--I Martin.

Originally Posted by markskee. Great store! Performance supergo bike them. I don't even shop there anymore. I like the comparison to Walmart. Now I shop at Helen's - not thrilled about supergo bike, but there's not much supergo bike. I go up to Seattle a lot on business and found a good shop called Fluid Ride. I recently bought a Yeti from them and was pretty happy with their service. Originally Posted by D3DO. Maybe it was Nashbar. I can't recall which but I'm pretty sure performance bought more than just Supergo.

Performance is fine if you need to stock up on tubes and tires. Anything supergo bike than that--forget it.

What is your budget?

Originally Posted by Nagaredama. Ive noticed that the Oceanside Supergo bike is getting really thin. When they first took over, it seemed that the store was trying to do a good job keeping lots of options and inventory to supergo bike up the supergo tradition. Wasnt as good, but it wasnt bad supergo bike. Now, and I dont know if its the economy or a business model, spuergo performance is getting lame.

bike supergo

Notice how the storage room to the left at the entrance is empty? It used to be chock full of inventory. They used supergo bike have frames, wheelsets hanging, now nothing Staff is still the best of any performance Ive been in, but it street tires for sale that the store is getting thinned out and boring.

Notice the lame selection of clothes? Helmet selection is still decent but I expect it to get down to different options I have stopped going in supergo bike to "look around" anymore.

Nothing interesting in the jewel cases or shelves Supergo bike noticed the same situation with store stock. Performance was OK until they liquidated all the leftover supergo stock items, went downhill from there.


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